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Biswajit Kundu Roy of Coastr - Coastr is making car rentals better for everyone.

October 19, 2021

Coastr is making car rentals better for everyone (customers and car rental businesses) by solving the massive market fragmentation, ‘clunky’ customer experience issues, and lack of access to quality insurance in the market which is difficult to address without scale. Coastr’s Digital Car Rental Management Platform provides independent car rental businesses with a connected ecosystem platform to become fully digitized and benefit from immediate cost savings, higher fleet utilization, and revenue maximization. In addition, the data from the platform can unlock other value-added services such as on-demand insurance.

Our offering includes-

1) a SaaS platform which is an all-in-one cloud-based software that is powered by Telematics and AI, to efficiently manage entire car rental operations from booking, maintenance, pricing, reporting, and a mobile app for check-in/check-out and damage assessment. Coastr is additionally equipping the operators with technological innovations such as keyless entry, biometric customer verification, predictive maintenance, on-demand fleet insurance, dynamic pricing, automated fleet on-boarding, and immobilization which is being brought together as a fully integrated solution to help our rental partners be prepared for the future of car rentals and compete with major market players;

2) A consumer app (to be released in early 2021) that will enable end customers (Corporate travelers first and then Retail customers) to make bookings and benefit from a fully contactless rental service enabled by keyless entry technology while offering a greater choice, competitive pricing and better levels of service through our partners.

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